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LinkedIn Careers Header-01At Inland, our passion is creating great packaging, from the color-changing blue mountains we developed for Coors Light to oxygen barrier technology that keeps food fresh longer. A leading supplier for big consumer brands everyone knows, Inland produces 26 billion labels annually for customers like MillerCoors, Procter & Gamble, Anheuser-Busch and Nestlé. Inland is a growing, family-owned company with a global reach, breaking into broader packaging categories and quickly earning a leadership position. The company is based and has three locations in  La Crosse, Wisconsin, with a fourth facility in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

We power great packaging

We team up with industry partners and take the lead in developing total, end-to-end packaging solutions that deliver exactly what brand owners want.

But what powers us?
The most convincing proof of job satisfaction is that people stay at Inland. Our shared outlook has a lot to do with it:

o We collaborate with customers, strategic partners and each other, because it’s great to accomplish things together.
o We are inquisitive, eager to address old problems in new ways. We value creativity, because it comes from caring deeply about what we do.
o We all value earning our customers’ trust. Hearing “thanks” is a powerful motivator. We hear it often.
o We respect the contribution of each team member and create opportunities for everyone to grow.
o We’re connected to our communities in meaningful ways, enthusiastically investing in what’s important to us.

We welcome new talent as we grow
Join a company where your contribution counts. Join the performance team at Inland.